28th April 2011
Micronanics will be opening its 5th laser lab in the coming months
More information to follow.

24th January
High aspect hole drilling machine commissioned
New lab area opened

15th November 2010
New machine for high aspect hole machining delivered

11th August 2010
New Web site launched
The new web site is aimed at being more informative with a new materials processing menu.

8th August 2010
Micronanics now offers technical animations
Technical animation can simplify complex and fast processes by removing unnecessary components, slowing down time and highlighting/colouring important actions.

28th June 2010
3 Laser Labs now open at Rutherford,  most material can be processed to very high levels of precision.

12th March 2009
Micronanics Limited is having the Excimer Laser laboratory built at its premises at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  

22nd February 2010
1st Laser lab now operational

20th January 2010
Lasers start to be moved in.

26th November 2009
Contract signed, move in date at Rutherford 1st December 2009

30th October 2009