About Us

About Us

Micronanics Laser Solutions

Micronanics is a privately owned, laser based manufacturing centre, with a unique collection of laser machines and more than 25 years of experience of laser micromachining. We can solve a wide range of manufacturing problems associated with micro manufacture and assembly. Micronanics is located at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory on the Harwell Oxford Campus.

From the profiling of specialist flexible printed circuit boards or machining a 10 micron well in single crystal diamond to the manufacture of electrical probes much finer than a human hair, Micronanics is a dependable solutions provider for your business.

Micronanics can deliver bespoke laser micromachining solutions to a wide range of problems in any material. From quick proof of concept tests and small batch production through to production machines, we have the capabilities and experience to give you the service you require.

Email Neil Sykes or telephone 07595 411246 for more information.